At a glance: Artificial Intelligence for Dummies

The field of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is progressing so rapidly that books get outdated pretty quick. Books like “The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999)” by Ray Kurzweil are great reads but some speculations lose their relevancy as time progresses.

As of today (May 15th, 2018), a new book was added to the A.I. literature: “Artificial Intelligence For Dummies (2018)” by John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron. The same authors wrote many For Dummies books, most notably “Machine Learning For Dummies

At a glance:

Artificial Intelligence for Dummies provides a comprehensible and very accessible introduction to the field of A.I.. The book is not very technical but is mainly focused on the various applications of A.I. in society.

Subjects discussed in the book:

  1. Introducing AI (Data, Algorithms and Hardware)
  2. Considering the Uses of AI in Society (Applications, Automation, Medical, Human Interaction)
  3. Working with Software-Based AI Applications (Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning)
  4. Working with AI in Hardware Applications (Robots, Drones and Self-Driving Cars)
  5. Considering the Future of AI (AI in Space, Generative Models, New Human Occupations)
  6. The Part of Tens (AI Safety, Contributions to Society, Limitations of AI)

I will be writing a book review when I have finished reading the book. If this short introduction has caught your attention you can order the book through Amazon by clicking on the image below.