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Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months” – Month 1 / Week 2 (Calculus)

Hi Guys, Last week I talked about the exciting curriculum of Siraj Raval called “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months”. The first week featured Linear Algebra with this MIT course. Even with the videos at 2x speed it is kinda heavy, but doable if you are sufficiently motivated! Week 2 is about Calculus with 3Blue1Brown’s “Essence […]

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Siraj Raval’s “Learn Machine Learning in 3 months” – Month 1 / Week 1 (Linear Algebra)

Hi guys, If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you have probably heard of Siraj Raval. If not, check out his Youtube channel. It is truly a goldmine of information. In short, Siraj Raval focuses on clarifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a modern and fast-paced way. Recently Siraj released this video “Learn […]

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Siraj Raval – Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months

“Brace yourself, you are about to feel the learn so hard!” – Siraj Raval Hi Guys, For those of you who want to learn Machine Learning in a fast-paced way, check out this awesome curriculum video by A.I. Youtuber Siraj Raval. No degree or advanced knowledge is required! Siraj Raval divides the learning journey in […]

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