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Artificial Intelligence (AI), day by day, is having a huge impact upon our lives. From technology, engineering, social media, to even medicine, it is continuously changing our present and shaping our future.

The outline of my talk will be the following:

1. What is AI, and how it works?
2. How are we imitating the human brain, through neural networks, to achieve better and better AI applications?
3. And overview of AI various applications: in technology, social media, and healthcare.
4. Conclusion: A glimpse at the future: we are we going? Ahmad Jad Alla is a doctor in medicine and the founder and CEO of Phi Science Institute. Phi is a non-profit organization established in Amman, Jordan, that aims to advance the scientific potential and knowledge, for youth in Jordan and the Arab region, through science education and applied innovative research.

Ahmad one of the few Jordanian youth who were chosen to do a business internship at Kelley School of Business – Indiana University. In addition, he has done a relatively good amount of voluntary work in various types of institutes in education, society awareness, and delivering help to people in need in poverty areas in all ways possible.

Ahmad was a speaker and gave scientific workshops in many conferences in Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey in various topics from evolution, neuroscience, quantum biology, modern physics, to biomedical applications of nanotechnology. He is addicted to learn new things and discover new knowledge through reading, lecturing, and experimenting. He is basically a science activist. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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