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In the first episode of our new series #AskTensorFlow, Developer Advocates Laurence Moroney & Magnus Hyttsten from Google’s TensorFlow team get together to answer questions that come directly from TensorFlow users. Find out how to manage your debug messages, why we prefer using Python for TensorFlow, the difference between TF Mobile & TF Lite, and much more! Check out all the helpful resources below & use #AskTensorFlow on social media if you want your question featured on a future episode!

GPU on Windows 10 Drivers →
TF Java →
TF Mobile →
TF Lite →
Introducing TensorFlow Lite – Coding TensorFlow →
TensorFlow Lite for Android – Coding TensorFlow →
TensorFlow Lite for iOS – Coding TensorFlow →
Colab →
Creating a VM on GCE →
Kaggle Kernels →

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