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Loved loved loved chatting with Connor Shorten who is a PhD student at Florida Atlantic University in AI and a real gangster when it comes to GANs and Deep Learning in general. Connor writes for Towards Data Science and creates his awesome videos explaining cutting edge Deep Learning papers on his Henry AI Labs channel. We’re gonna be diving deep into GANs, Conv Net Architectures, why Deep Learning on graphs is cool and the most exciting projects he does with AI. You can give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts by searching The AI Wizards Show and I’ll also put some links below! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Time stamps:
Intro: 1:17
GANs: 1:59
Can GANs augment training data now? 13:34
Deep Learning on graphs: 16:54
Henry AI Labs: 28:15
How Connor started out in deep learning? 30:56
Conv net architectures: 34:20
The most complex and the most hard and exciting problems Connor took on with DL: 42:57

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