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Data Science is becoming more and more popular as a career choice since it offers both lucrative salaries and the opportunity to have high impact. The Data Science interview process is challenging, but with dedicated practice you can succeed. In this video, I’ll outline the 7 steps to pass any Data Science Interview. We’ll go over topics like studying techniques, portfolio optimization, and interviewing tips, all of which are prominent in the modern Data Science interview pipeline. I’ve listed all of the resources I’ve mentioned both in the video description and in the associated GitHub readme. Enjoy!

Plan for this video:

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Step 1 – Ask yourself “Why”

Investor Insights for Inspiration…

Investors to follow on Twitter…

Data Stories Podcasts

Step 2 – Create and Execute a Study Plan

Learn Data Science in 3 Months…

Chromebook Data Science…

Open Source University

Practice Technical Interviews

Use Flashcards…

Find a Mentor

Step 3 – Build a Portfolio

Design a resume + personal website…

And have 3 projects on Github, one should have a web presence

Step 4 – Start Pitching for Jobs

– Ask friends on Social Media
–… (VC Portfolio companies job listings)
– Find recruiters using
“ quora technical recruiter”
but replace quora with your company

Scheduling tool

Step 5 – Complete the Interview

Study Data Science Interview Questions on Glassdoor…


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