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In “The Evolution of Data Products”, O’Reilly Media’s Mike Loukides notes: “the question of how we take the next step — where data recedes into the background — is surprisingly tough. Do we want products that deliver data? Or do we want products that deliver results based on data? We’re evolving toward the latter, though we’re not there yet.”

In this talk from Strata CA 12, Jeremy Howard shows why taking this step is tough, and he lays out what needs to be done to deliver results based on data. He draws on his experience building Optimal Decisions Group, where he developed a new approach to insurance pricing that focused on delivering results (i.e.: determine the optimal price for a customer) instead of delivering data (i.e. calculating a customer’s risk, which had been the standard approach used by actuaries previously).

Jeremy Howard, Margit Zwemer and Mike Loukides further explore data products in their in-depth report, “Designing great data products.” Read it here:

This video is among the workshops, sessions and keynotes included in the Strata CA 2012 Complete Video Compilation. Learn more here:

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