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Karl Iagnemma is the President of Aptiv Autonomous Mobility. Oscar Beijbom is their Machine Learning Lead. In 2013, Karl co-founded nuTonomy, a Boston-based autonomous vehicle company that was sold to Delphi (Aptiv) in 2017 for $400 million. Now as part of Aptiv, Karl and team are one of the leaders in autonomous vehicle development and deployment, with cars on the roads in several sites in the US. For more lecture videos on deep learning, reinforcement learning (RL), artificial intelligence (AI & AGI), and podcast conversations, visit our website or follow TensorFlow code tutorials on our GitHub repo.


0:00 – Introduction to Karl Iagnemma and Oscar Beijbom
1:00 – Karl – Aptiv Background
10:18 – Dimensions of Safety for AVs
12:47 – Trusting neural networks behind the wheel
15:07 – Validation of black-box systems
17:50 – Trusting the data
19:27 – Trusting the algorithms
22:27 – Safety architecture for neural networks
25:20 – Engineering is inching closer to the natural sciences
25:57 – Oscar – DL for 3D Detection
30:06 – PointPillars
39:51 – nuScenes – a dataset for multimodal 3d object detection
43:17 – Q&A

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