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Join me as I teach this, free 10 week reinforcement learning course I’ve called Move 37. I’ll take you on a journey through the basics up to modern day techniques. Every week, we’ll build apps together that will cover both toy and industry problems. You’ll be able to measure your progress along the way by chatting with your peers both online and offline at School of AI chapters globally, taking quizzes, coding challenges, and 2 graded projects. I’ll have weekly coding live streams to help answer any questions, and my assistant instructors will be available to help in our community slack channel. All Wizards who complete the course get an official School of AI Certificate, signed by me. This is going to be wild ride, Signup now and join the movement!

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Yes all of my videos will continue to be released on Youtube, every single one. The course website is just so that i can offer non-video content like quizzes, assignments, etc.

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