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OpenAI Five will be playing against five of the world’s top Dota 2 professionals in front of nearly 20,000 audience members at The International on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

OpenAI Five is a team of five artificial neural networks, which you can think of as simulated “brains” which our team has designed to be well-shaped for learning Dota but start with no knowledge. OpenAI Five sees the world as a list of 20,000 numbers which encode the visible game state (limited to the information a human player is permitted to see) and chooses an action by emitting a list of 8 numbers. The OpenAI team writes code which maps between game state/actions and lists of numbers. Once trained, these neural networks are creatures of pure instinct—their neural networks implement memory but do not otherwise learn further. They play as a team, but we do not design special communication structures—only provide them with an incentive.

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