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D-Wave’s Leap service is the first cloud based quantum application environment that gives developers real-time access to a live quantum computer. In this video, we’ll use the Leap service to build a simple application to monitor a crop health sensor network. I’ve been collaborating with D-Wave on this, and this video will go over several existing use cases, detail how quantum computing uses quantum mechanics, and demo using it for a real-world application. Entanglement, superposition, tunneling, there are some crucial concepts for us to understand to be able to harness quantum technology and through animations, code, and explanations I hope you too get excited about its potentials. Enjoy!

Code examples:

Coding Challenge:
Create a simple app using Leap that solves a problem. Submit your github repository to by December 9th at midnight PST. I’ll give the top 2 entries a video shoutout a week after that!

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