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In this video we’ll modify the cfg file, put all the images and bounding box labels in the right folders, and start training YOLOv3! P.S. check out the description for all the links!)

I really encourage you to ask questions, if something’s not clear or you just want to, happy to help!)

Darknet repo:
Hit me up on Twitter:

Training command: darknet.exe (or ./darknet) detector train data/ yolov3-tiny-obj.cfg yolov3-tiny.conv.15 -dont_show

Pretrained convolutional YOLOv3 weights:…
YOLOv3-tiny weights:… layout:
classes= 2
train = data/train.txt
valid = data/test.txt
names = data/obj.names
backup = backup/

Implement YOLOv3 in Python:
Install Darknet:
Get Training Images:
Label the Images:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

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